photorobot – azure Web App migration

Photorobot is part of KH group

Photorobot philosofy:

Based on presets, PhotoRobot automatically captures all (still & spin) images of your product, uploads them to the cloud, post-processes them and gets them ready for review and immediate online publishing – within one minute – with less than a single click…

PhotoRobot offers 16 various kinds of robots, driven by the unique real-time operating system, managed by a cloud-based workflow, automated image-capturing and image-processing tools that are easy to integrate with 3rd party software for maximum overall productivity and efficiency.

Technical solution:

Photorobot operates backend systems (asset management, activation of devices and monitoring system) in .NET Web application with MS SQL backend DB, this system controls all connected robot devices, is responsible for collecting logs and delivers firmware update and parametrization to devices in field. Important part of system is management of partner network system and also managing manufacturing process and online entering data from manufacturing field into asset database.

Azure Web App migration:

System was migrated to Azure Web App and finally there is used this logical architecture:

Solution is now operated in azure platform services and uses these azure resources:

  • Azure SQL database – stores all asset data and logs
  • Web App – App Service – there is deployed application code
  • Key Vault – storage for secrets and certificates used by Web App
  • App Insights – application monitoring system

Azure migration benefits

  • There is low costs of operations – in fact there is zero needs for any operations task like backing up, upgrading or operating solution.
  • Azure Web App offers flexibility to grow and scale solution based on customer needs. Simply we can increase number of Web App workers during peak or in some cases this scaling can be done automatically.
  • There is transparent statistics about system performance, errors and about system load in Application insights.

Application connects devices across globe on all continents, see screenshot from application dashboard